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  • Research Studies and Clinical Trials

  • Research Studies

    What are they?
    When scientists want to find answers to new questions about health or medicine, they often conduct research studies. Studies help doctors find new ways to detect, diagnose, prevent, control and treat illnesses. For example, to learn more about how an illness spreads, scientists may survey people about their activities.

    Though many new medicines and treatments are found to be safe in laboratories, they must be tested in humans before they can be prescribed or recommended to other people. Through participation in a research study, volunteers try a new drug or treatment that may help them and others.

    A clinical trial is a type of research study. Clinical trials typically test a particular drug, treatment, or approach using data that was gathered through a general research study. For example, researchers may use information gathered in a research study about the spread of illness to see if avoiding certain behaviors helps to prevent the illness. Not all research studies are clinical trials.

    You should discuss any concerns you may have about participating in a research study with the research coordinator or lead researcher.

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