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  • Robotic Prostatectomy

  • Robotic ProstatectomyThanks to the latest evolution in surgical technology, physicians now have an effective alternative to traditional open surgery and laparoscopy that allows them to provide patients with the best of both approaches. 

    This alternative is the da Vinci Surgical System and The Miriam Hospital is now using this technology to treat prostate cancer. 

    Nearly one out of every six American men will develop prostate cancer. With greater awareness, prostate cancer detection is on the rise and mortality is declining. Moreover, better treatments are allowing more men to return to active and productive lives after treatment.

    To remove the cancerous tumor-a procedure known as a prostatectomy-surgeons at The Miriam Hospital now have the option of using a robotic assisted, minimally invasive surgery that may be more precise, less painful and reduces blood loss.

    For more information, please call 401-793-2500.

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