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  • New Technology Brings New Treatment Options

  • Innovations in technology continually change the way we collect, record and analyze medical data.

    LifeLinks is a computerized patient information system that allows physicians and other team members to instantly access and enter clinical test and laboratory results, medical records from other Lifespan hospitals, discharge summaries, diagnoses and procedure listings, and surgical notes. This provides the most rapid and complete distribution of information, which enables the best possible patient care.

    The automated laboratory increases patient safety and makes getting a diagnosis faster and easier for physicians and their patients. With amazing speed, robotics centrifuge each sample, divide the sample into additional tubes if necessary, perform the tests, generate results and file each sample away into a storage unit.

    Picture archive communications system (PACS) is a web-based system that replaces film images and allows digital images from MRI, CT and other diagnostic technologies to be stored, transmitted and viewed on a secure computer system. The computer system makes it possible for the patient's referring physician and consulting physicians to view the radiologist's reports from the hospital or their private offices, which means faster diagnoses for patients.

    The Rhode Island Cancer Registry is an oncology data information system that is used to collect, manage and analyze the medical data of people who, at any time in their lives, have been diagnosed with cancer. Data is collected for education, lifetime patient follow-up, research and approval of cancer programs. The National Cancer Data Base and the Rhode Island Department of Health maintain the data.