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    The Thoracic Multidisciplinary Clinic is located on both the Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital campuses:

    Thoracic Multidisciplinary Clinic

    The Thoracic Multidisciplinary Clinic, a program of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Miriam and Rhode Island hospitals, is the only clinic of its kind in the state.

    The clinic focuses on patients with lung cancer and other cancers located in the thorax, or chest. It takes a team-based approach, bringing together nationally recognized leaders in the treatment and research of these diseases.

    The Thoracic Multidisciplinary Clinic is certified by the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative for providing the highest quality cancer care, and is accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons.

    See All Your Physicians in One Visit

    At diagnosis, patients come in for one visit and see physicians in all disciplines, including surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology and palliative care. Patients who are candidates for surgery will also meet with the thoracic surgeon.

    After this initial visit, the clinical team meets with the patient to present a recommended plan of care; experienced staff coordinates treatment and all necessary follow-up and rehabilitation.

    Quality Patient Care

    The clinic provides care ranging from the screening of high-risk individuals to the most innovative treatments, including cutting-edge radiation oncology services, advanced surgical options and access to investigational therapies.

    There are a wide variety of services offered including:

    • A one-time consultation, evaluation and second opinions
    • Screening and diagnostic tests
    • Sophisticated radiation oncology services, including CyberKnife, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and brachytherapy
    • Comprehensive complementary services including nutrition consultation, social work, physical therapy, psychiatry, patient education resources and support groups
    • Palliative care

    A Multidisciplinary Team

    Patients have access to the combined expertise of a multidisciplinary team of specialists whose focus is patients with thoracic malignancies. The physicians at the Thoracic Multidisciplinary Clinic have many years of experience in the highly specialized evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of individuals with thoracic cancers, from the most common to the rare forms of the disease.

    Patients also benefit from the services of a skilled nurse practitioner and experienced, compassionate nurse navigator, who assist patients and families with all aspects of their diagnosis and treatment.

    For more information please call 401-793-3338.