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Alicia Williams, RN

Wound Center

After thirteen years, I continue to love nursing at Newport Hospital. I am proud to be part of an institution that has again been awarded Magnet Status. We stay on the cutting edge of technology with a computerized patient record system, computerized medication dispensing and administration, and computerized physician order management. We have also added cardiac monitoring to all of our medical-surgical beds. The interdisciplinary approach to patient care provides continuity of care, a safe hospital environment and an arena for patients to voice their concerns and satisfaction.

Alicia Williams, RN
"After thirteen years, I continue to love nursing at Newport Hospital."

Further examples of things that make our organization great are the information-filled binders in our hospital library, and the professional practice committees that allow nurses to play an active role in decision making and bring evidence-based practice to the bedside.

If you are truly looking to care for patients at a high-functioning Magnet facility, you should look at Newport Hospital.

My scope of practice shifted in November 2008 from 100 percent bedside nursing to delivering outpatient care when we opened the Vanderbilt Wound Clinic at Newport Hospital. At the clinic we care for a vulnerable and often underserved population of all ages and socioeconomic groups. It is humbling to experience how affected patients cope with wounds. Many become isolated, as they do not have the tools or knowledge to effectively manage dressings, proper nutrition, exudates and odors, and this can incapacitate them.

At the clinic, we provide a safe and non-judgmental place for patients to communicate their needs and, in return, our team of physicians, nurses and support staff makes assessments and manages cases by setting treatments and services in motion. Primary care providers are also included in the plan of care to provide continuity.

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