Careers at Lifespan Health System

Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering at Newport Hospital

What Is the First Step in Registering as a Volunteer?

The first step to volunteering is to email for an application and more information.

What Is the Minimum Age to Volunteer?

The minimum age is 16, or entering junior year of high school.

How Much Does It Cost to Volunteer?

We ask volunteers for a $10 donation to support the purchase of volunteer uniforms.

Are There “Baby Cuddler” Volunteer Roles?

We are a Baby-Friendly birthing center. Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed and bond with their newborns during their hospital stay. Volunteers do not have contact with the infants.

I Have a Group Who Wants to Volunteer for a Day. Is That Possible?

We cannot accommodate groups or individuals that would like a one-time volunteer opportunity.

Can I Shadow a Doctor or Newport Hospital Employee?

Newport Hospital does not offer shadow experiences. 

What Is the Time Commitment?

We ask that you be available for a minimum of six months for a once-a-week commitment. The time varies according to your availability and interests. College students serve for two semesters or during summer break. High school students may serve Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. or have a summer assignment.

Does Volunteering Guarantee Me a Job at the Hospital after I Complete My Volunteer Commitment?

Volunteering is an excellent step to learn about careers in health care. It does not guarantee you a paid position. If your priority is employment, please go to the Lifespan Careers website.

Can I Volunteer in Research?

There are no opportunities at Newport Hospital to support research.

Can Volunteer Services Place Me in an Internship?

Volunteer services can assist students who are seeking a nonclinical internship. Some examples include: marketing, business development, and health care administration internships.

What Benefits Are Provided to Volunteers?

Volunteers for Newport Hospital receive: 

  • Free parking
  • A $5 cafeteria meal voucher for every shift you volunteer
  • Continuing education programs

Do You Have Opportunities to Complete Court-Appointed Community Service Hours?

We do not accommodate individuals who need to complete court-appointed community service hours. 

Who Is Not Eligible to Volunteer, Based on a Background Check?

All Lifespan staff and volunteers must participate in a criminal background check. Anyone who has been convicted of a felony for drugs, theft or assault is not eligible to volunteer.