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The Seacole Scholars Program

The Seacole Scholars Program, named for pioneering nurse Mary Seacole, is a summer employment opportunity for high school students who have their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) licenses. This program is run by Rhode Island Hospital's nursing department and operates as part of the Lifespan Summer Employment Program.

Each year, Lifespan hires young people to work as CNAs for seven weeks during the summer. Accepted youth work four days a week on the nursing units and spend one day each week attending Lifespan Workforce and Youth Development training.

Workforce Development

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Explore your career options in a professional setting and develop the essential skills you need for the future.

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More about This Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program offers youth an opportunity to:

  • Join Lifespan, Rhode Island's largest private employer.
  • Have a 40 hours/week paid job for seven to eight weeks from June to August.
  • Explore exciting career options in healthcare.
  • Join a team of more than 80 other Lifespan youth employees.
  • Make friends and network to prepare for a successful future.
  • Get career building help from professional career experts.
  • Possibly gain employment beyond the summer.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible candidates include:

  • Youth ages 16 to 19 (must be age 16 before April of the year in which summer employment will take place.)
  • Youth who possess a valid CNA license.
  • Youth who have a willingness to learn.
  • Youth interested in pursuing a career in health care.

How to Apply

Please follow the instructions below to apply:

  1. Applications for the Lifespan Summer Youth Employment Program will be accepted starting November of each year.
  2. Applications must be filled out and submitted online.
  3. If you have your CNA license and would like to apply for the CNA program, use this form: Lifespan Youth Employment Program Application.
  4. After submitting an application, eligible participants will be considered for an interview.
  5. If you are selected for an interview, you will receive a call from a SYE representative.
  6. If you are not selected for an interview, you will be notified by email.
Sam Secole Scholar

Hear from a Seacole Scholar

“My time as a Lifespan Summer Youth Employee has been an experience of a lifetime and has shaped my path or the future. As a CNA and part of the Seacole Scholars Program, I was able to utilize many of my job specific skills to provide quality patient care. The workshops that are incorporated in the Summer Youth Employment Program helped me become a more conscious individual and helped me build professional and personal relationships. I learned throughout my time as a Lifespan Summer Youth Employee that I truly belong in the healthcare field, and that I can deliver health with care!.” -Sam A.