Our Mission

Mental Health Care

As the area's largest provider of psychiatric and behavioral health services, Lifespan is committed to integrating high-quality mental health care with primary medical services. Essential services for the treatment of mental illness and substance abuse are located both in our hospitals and in the communities, where people live and work and can access them easily. 

Child showing their art to an adult
Lifespan is committed to integrating high-quality mental health care with primary medical services.
  • Lifespan’s partner hospitals provide mental health services for our medical and surgical patients and for more than 75,000 outpatient visits each year.
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Services at Lifespan is one of the nation’s leading clinical, educational and research programs.
  • Rhode Island and Miriam hospital share deep expertise in geriatric psychiatry and offer programs that address the specific needs of elderly patients.
  • The Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute includes a broad variety of experts who treat and study mental disorders and engage in groundbreaking research on mental illnesses and impairments and their causes.
  • Gateway Healthcare offers integrated treatment and prevention through residential, outpatient, and community-based programs, providing services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Gateway's network includes The Autism Project, Capital City Community Centers, and FRIENDS WAY.
  • Bradley Hospital provides a full range of family-focused, high-quality mental health care to infants, children, and adolescents with emotional disorders and/or developmental disabilities. 
  • Bradley Hospital provides outpatient behavioral health services through its outpatient programs, which allow patients to participate in therapy during the day and return at night to their homes and families.
  • Bradley Hospital offers the Intensive Program for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which uses a milieu-based model to treat kids with OCD.
  • Bradley Hospital and Gateway Healthcare launched Kids Link, a hotline for children in emotional crisis that connects parents and caregivers to children’s services in Rhode Island and helps parents determine where to go for treatment and counseling.
  • Hasbro Children's Hospital and Bradley Hospital collaborate to offer the Medical Psychiatric Program for children and adolescents who struggle with both psychiatric and medical illness. It is the only program in the region designed to provide family-based integrated care for this population. 
  • Newport Hospital offers a range of adult psychiatric services that include emergency, inpatient, and outpatient capabilities.
  • Newport Hospital and Bradley Hospital partner to provide mental health care for children ages 3 to 17 in Newport County. Services range from psychiatric assessment to diagnosis and medication management and include outpatient psychiatry.