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Philanthropy News at Bradley Hospital

Celebrating 2021 Accomplishments and Looking Ahead to 2022, Annual Meeting Held Virtually

Bradley Hospital Annual Meeting


On October 21, the Bradley Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees forwent the much anticipated in-person gathering for their Annual Meeting for the second year in a row.  With the ongoing COVID-19 safety concerns around in-person events, in the words of Foundation Chair Larry Sadwin, “It was the right thing to do.” The evening—held live via Zoom webinar—was no less celebratory in its review of the Hospital’s and Foundation Board’s accomplishments over the previous year and was punctuated by the very moving remarks of a Bradley patient.

Ely Pelleccione shared their highly personal story, including moments that would give anyone pause. “But I’m okay,” they said. “I'm not perfect by any means, and I know I'll never be "cured" but [since coming to Bradley] I'm able to deal with things in a much healthier way. I can face life knowing that I've got my issues under control, and I don't need to hide away from the world anymore.”  With a smile, they added, “Even if I still do that sometimes, but some things will never change.”

Before presenting the slates for fiscal year 2022, Vice-Chair Carol Peterson was presented with a framed illustration of Bradley Hospital drawn by Francois Luks, MD, pediatric surgeon-in-chief and division chief of pediatric surgery at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, in acknowledgement of her contribution to the now completed Every Child, Every Day Campaign shared with Hasbro. The Officers and Trustees of the Bradley Hospital Foundation were all re-elected to a one-year term, with the exceptions of Jozy Mainelli and Angela Anderson, MD, who both resigned their positions. Ms. Mainelli will continue on as a member of the Lifespan School Solutions (Bradley Schools) board and as a member of the Board of Governors. First time appointees to the Board of Governors are Jennifer (Leigh) Kinder, and Mamie Wakefield. 

A complete list of Bradley Hospital Foundation Trustees and Governors can be found here.

We are deeply grateful to all of our Trustees and Governors for their unwavering commitment to the success of the Bradley Hospital Foundation’s mission to support the work of our beloved hospital and look forward to working with such dedicated community leaders for years to come.

Dowling Family Makes Playground Transformation Possible

Dowling Courtyard Bradley Hospital


Summer 2021 offered a bright spot in a challenging 20 months at Bradley Hospital, and it was made brighter by the opening of the beautiful new Dowling Courtyard for the inpatient units.  

The transformation of this secure play space has been nothing short of remarkable. A pleasing, colorful, and softer surface has replaced what had previously been referred to as a “dustbowl” or a “mudbowl,” depending on the weather. For years, our facilities team struggled to keep grass growing in this heavily used recreational area. The area was first created when the acuity of our patients wasn’t nearly as high as it is today, and they were more likely able to leave the unit to do their running around in the gym or the lower ballfield area.  

The space is enjoyed by kids from the adolescent, children’s, and Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities inpatient units for games, chalk drawing, Wiffle ball, and kickball. It’s also a great spot for yoga, or a one-on-one lunch with a therapist or family member.  

Said one inpatient unit staff member, “The cushioned new play surface is so much better that what had become mud and dirt – the kids love it. It also means patients can play more times during the year – they love watching the weather in the courtyard. This time of year the patients are all eagerly awaiting the first snow!”

Due to COVID, and a few supply chain delays along the way, we haven’t yet been able to dedicate the space with the Dowling family and others who made the reimagination of this space possible. In the meantime, the space is enjoyed every day, and we expect we’ll soon see a few snow people out there – without muddy faces.  

Together again, Bravo Bradley raises a record $900,000!

From left: Henry Sachs, MD; Kristen O’Neil; Tricia S. O’Neil; Tim O’Neil; Larry Sadwin; and Anthony Pereschino.
From left: Henry Sachs, MD; Kristen O’Neil; Tricia S. O’Neil; Tim O’Neil; Larry Sadwin; and Anthony Pereschino.


For the first time in more than 700 days, Bradley Hospital was able to hold its popular Bravo Bradley fundraiser, where the hospital’s incredible donor community took its generosity to new heights. After a more than two year hiatus, supporters took to the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center on Friday, July 30, raising a Bravo record $900,000. Of the total, $318,325 will support the hospital’s Healing Arts Program.

“It was indescribable to witness such an amazing display of generosity on behalf of the kids and families who turn to us to heal their hearts and minds,” said Henry Sachs, MD, Bradley Hospital’s president. “To say the circumstances of the past year made what we do harder than it could possibly be is an understatement. Yet each step of the way, every member of the Bradley family stepped up in enormous ways, and that was again on full display during Bravo.”

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Bradley Hospital Welcomes New Volunteer Leadership during Foundation Board Annual Meeting

On October 29, the Bradley Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees held its first – and hopefully only – virtual Annual Meeting. Hosted by Foundation Chair Larry Sadwin, the event was broadcast live from the Carol A. Peterson Welcome Center at Bradley, with remarks delivered remotely by Lawrence A. Aubin, Chair of the Lifespan Board of Directors, and Dr. Timothy J. Babineau, President and CEO of Lifespan.

Bradley Hospital Annual meeting
From left: Lawrence B. Sadwin, Chair, Bradley Hospital Foundation; Henry T. Sachs III, MD, President, Bradley Hospital; Amy Smith, Bradley Parent

Following the remarks by leadership, Amy Smith, a parent of a longtime Bradley patient illustrated the strength of Bradley’s broad continuum of care and the impact it’s had, and continues to have on her family. The meeting continued with the presentation and re-election of a slate of Trustees and Officers to both the Foundation Board and Board of Governors.

Elected to the Board of Trustees was Marc S. Perlman, Co-founder and CEO of Ocean State Job Lot. Joining the Board of Governors were Joseph M. Brito, Jr., President and CEO of CB Utility Co., Inc.; Cheryl Cohen, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Dunkin’ Donuts Center; Bernard Lambrese, partner, Healthcare Strategies, LLC; Tricia Sitcoske, retired real estate agent and community volunteer; Howard Sutton, Publisher Emeritus, The Providence Journal; and Kimberly Sutton, community volunteer.

A complete list of Bradley Hospital Foundation Trustees and Governors can be found here.

We are deeply grateful to all our Trustees and Governors for their unwavering commitment to the success of the Bradley Hospital Foundation’s mission to support the work of our beloved hospital, and look forward to working with such dedicated community leaders for years to come.

Bravo Bradley 2020: An anniversary unlike ever before, at a time like never before

As the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold, it seemed unfathomable that the 10th anniversary of our Bravo Bradley gala could possibly be cancelled. How could all the hard work of our dedicated committee members be for naught? What would happen to the Bradley Hospital finances without this critical source of support, and would the Healing Arts Program – in desperate need of funding and long-planned as the fund-a-need beneficiary – have to be suspended?

These questions and more were answered when co-chairs Tricia and Tim O’Neil, and their entire event committee, refused to give up on the effort. Everyone swung into action, offering previously committed sponsors alternative opportunities for recognition, and calling on past donors to give even though there wouldn’t be a party.

Tricia and Tim O'Neil
Tricia and Tim O’Neil

“You can cancel a party,” said Tricia. “But you can’t cancel a need.” The letters and emails flew, and fingers dialed. The outpouring of support wasn’t just gratifying, it was unprecedented. Never before had Bradley achieved this level of fundraising success without a gala.

“Bradley supporters understand the need better than anyone,” added Tim, “and we won’t let the children and families down.”

All told, Bravo Bradley raised more than $400,000 without serving so much as a glass of water. The Healing Arts Program has been shored up enough to last to the next gala, and we couldn’t be prouder of the community we are part of. That said, everyone looks forward to getting together as soon as we can, and the O’Neils have signed on to serve as chairs for another year.

“The committee meetings might look different, and the venue might have to change, but we signed on for this project, and we’re not letting anyone down.”

The theme for Bravo Bradley will remain the same for 2021. And in the age of COVID, it seems “Today’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Triumphs” couldn’t be more appropriate. Please stay tuned for additional updates; and if you’d like to get involved, please reach out to Jessica Foley, Senior Development Officer, at

A Community that Continues to Go Above and Beyond

 Covid thank you note

When the going gets tough, the tough… will always appreciate the kindness and support of those around them. And at Bradley Hospital, so much of that support has come in the form of delicious meals and snacks.

As our exhausted staff continues to treat the children in our care through layers of personal protective equipment and while coping with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, we could not be more thankful to the many friends who have stepped up with edible rewards.

Kelly and Bernie Lambrese of Bristol teamed up with neighbors and beloved local restaurants Lobster Pot, Leo’s, Roberto’s, Le Central and DeWolf Tavern to create “Feeding the Front Line.” Through their wonderfully successful GoFundMe project, they’ve been feeding hundreds of Rhode Island healthcare workers – including 100+ exquisite seafood and pasta dinners for our own Bradley team.

Recognizing that it isn’t just clinicians caring for people with the coronavirus who need some TLC, the effort to also take care of children’s behavioral health staff has taken off, starting with our friends at Feast and Fettle in East Providence who showed up on a tough day with terrific home-cooked meals.

Michele and Chris Levy of Narragansett purchased 100 slices of Gregg’s famous chocolate cake and drove around Rhode Island delivering them to grateful staff in Bradley residential programs.

And as the holiday week of Easter/Passover came to a close, Bravo Bradley co-chair (and self-designated Easter Bunny) Tim O’Neil arrived with 250 bags of jelly beans – enough for one for each person on our program teams. That’s right, a whole bag to help brighten the day!

There are many others who have pitched in along the way with comfort foods and snacks of all kinds (with a few top secret family recipes mixed in). Please know how much these gestures truly help and how much better we all feel knowing so many are thinking of us.

Looking ahead, we are beyond appreciative of those who have plans to keep sustaining our staff in the works. Lunches from Agawam Hunt Club and treats from Ocean State Job Lot are en route, as is more nourishment from local restaurants via And if you’re interested in joining this wonderful group of people putting smiles on the faces of our dedicated staff during this crisis, please reach out to Anne Morton Smith at 401-432-1451, or

Thank you! (As of April 15, 2020)

Agawam Hunt
Susan Dickstein, PhD
Edesia Nutrition
Feast & Fettle
Feeding the Front Lines of Bristol Go Fund Me
Janet Hunt
The Jan Company
Kevin and Sandra Jennings
The Levy Family
Chip and Jozy Mainelli
McDonald’s East Providence
Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
Tim and Trish O’Neil
Ocean State Job Lot
Alex Saccone
Tropical Smoothie Café

Special Holiday "Thank Yous" from Bradley Hospital

Bradley Hospital has many wonderful friends who care for our hospital and our kids all year round. Around the holidays, they tend to take it up a notch, and we’d like to share a few special shout-outs for Holiday Season 2019.

Blesin Marquez and her husband Joe Pagnani, co-owner of Danny’s Appliance Store in Providence, heard about the wonderful work happening at Bradley Hospital, and decided it was the perfect place to spread some holiday joy. Their wonderful customers contributed to a collection, Danny’s Appliance matched it, and Blesin went out to personal select $2,000 in new coats, hats, gloves, undergarments, stuffed animals and toys for Bradley kids of all ages!

Danny's Appliance

Blesin Marquez and Joe Pagnani of Danny’s Appliance with front desk supervisor Carmen Medeiros and Director of Nursing Dr. Mary Sullivan

A giant thank you to Claflin, who started off our season with an amazing drive for new puzzles with employees at their headquarters in Warwick. Puzzles are a terrific way to play and learn, and our kids are grateful to take their favorites with them when they go home.

Claflin donation

Bradley staff with a plethora of puzzles from Claflin

Michelle Tuttle is an aspiring fabric artist who enjoys working at FabNewport, a unique community-based non-profit maker space and learning studio. With Bradley’s young people in mind, she created 12 wonderfully cushy pillows with the phrase “Dream Big” sewn into each one. A perfect comfort gift for the adolescents in our residential Bradley Center program!

Fab Newport

Fabric artist Michelle Tuttle with Fab Newport student Gianni

For six years, Donny and Kyle McKendall of Massachusetts have hosted a beautiful holiday party in their home and all their friends and family bring gifts for kids on Bradley’s adolescent inpatient unit. This year, in consultation with our staff, they focused on art supplies and puzzles and gifted us with 98 puzzles, 101 coloring books, 81 packs of colored pencils, 26 packs of markers, 1212 drawings pads, 7 packs of crayons and a whole bunch of other wonderful things.

Puzzle Donation

Puzzles and Art Supplies gifted by Donny and Kyle McKendall (below) and friends


Grant News from Bradley Hospital

Bradley was recently awarded three grants to revitalize the Children’s Residential and Family Treatment (CRAFT) program playground: $50,000 from the Yawkey Foundation, $40,000 from the Providence Journal Charitable Legacy Fund, and $10,000 from the Ida Ballou Littlefield Memorial Trust.

The Healing Arts program has received $30,000 from the CVS Health Charity Classic. These funds will help us to offer a broad range of cultural experiences and arts workshops to thousands of patients at Bradley Hospital.

Bradley’s Daniel J. Wall Family Support Fund was recently awarded a $7,500 Signature Grant from The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism. The Family Support Fund provides resources for Bradley’s patient families struggling with the financial burdens that can accompany a child’s mental health diagnosis. The Flutie Foundation’s grant will support the emergency needs of patient families living with autism.

Bradley was recently awarded two grants to purchase and install a state-of-the-art audiovisual system for the gymnasium on the hospital’s main campus: $50,000 from the Shriners of Rhode Island Charities Trust, and $25,000 from the Edward J. and Virginia M. Routhier Foundation.

The Boston Scientific Foundation has awarded $9,517 to provide mental health first aid trainings through the Bradley Learning Exchange for local communities where Boston Scientific employees live and work.

The Alletta Morris McBean Charitable Trust has awarded Bradley Hospital’s Portsmouth School a grant of $38,500 to support an important literacy and reading initiative.

The White Family Foundation has awarded an unrestricted grant of $10,000 to Bradley Hospital. These funds will support Bradley’s areas of greatest need.

The Rhode Island Foundation has awarded a grant of $14,230 from the Special Medical Funds to support art therapy for patients in Bradley’s five SafeQuest-level programs.

The Everett F. Boyden Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee has awarded a grant of $8,500 to transform space on the Adolescent Inpatient Unit into therapeutic sensory rooms.

Bradley’s Healing Arts Program received $9,000 to expand our roster of diverse community partners and workshops. Funding provided by a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly, a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and private funders.