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Cryoablation therapy is an alternative to surgery (lumpectomy) that kills cancer cells using extreme cold. Used to treat primary, early-stage invasive breast cancer, a needle is inserted through the skin and guided by ultrasound. The needle is inserted directly into the cancerous area to kill the diseased tissue. Only a tiny incision, small enough to be covered by a Band-Aid, is needed.

Cryoablation creates a ball of ice that encases the tumor and a small amount of normal breast tissue. A cycle of freezing and thawing is used during the treatment, which lasts about 30 minutes. When the tissue dies, the immune system’s white blood cells clear away any residue. Over time, healthy tissue fills in the treated area.

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Robert C. Ward, MD, Radiologist

A Leader in Cryoablation

Robert C. Ward, MD, Radiologist has performed over 50 breast cryoablation cases at Rhode Island Hospital since 2016 with excellent clinical results.

The publications of Robert C. Ward, MD include:


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