Bradley Conference

Bradley Conference: Previous Presentation Topics

The Pros of a Fully Virtual Adolescent Partial Hospital Program:  How a Multidisciplinary Team Works to REACH Teens and Families in Rhode Island and Beyond
Gabby Beaudoin, BA, Chris Bowers, RN, Nicole Chaudhrey, LICSW, Elizabeth Frazier, PhD, Molly Hedrick, PhD, Diane McLean, MD, Gary Regan, LICSW, and Victoria Wehjla

Supporting Self-Regulation in Neurodivergent Individuals
Ariana DeAngelis, MEd

The Power of Academic-Community and Academic-Clinical Partnerships: Towards an Inclusive Model of Care
Jennifer Freeman, PhD, Kristen Benito, PhD, Justin Parent, PhD, Stefanie Sequeira, MS, Elizabeth Thompson, PhD, and Maria del Pilar Trelles Thorne, MD

Treatment of Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Children and Adolescents
Michael Gomez, PhD

Suicide: Prevention, Screening and Response Training for the General Public
Kim Lafountain, LMHC and Scott Sylvester, LMHC

Co-Occuring Disorders
Selby Conrad, PhD and Robert Miranda Jr., PhD, ABPP

Suicide Assessment Using the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS)
Scott Sylvester, LMHC and Alicia Ead, LCSW

Evidence-Based Treatment for Pediatric Anxiety and OCD
Erin E. O'Connor, PhD and Sarah H. Morris, PhD

Suicide: Prevention, Screening and Response Training for the General Public
Scott Sylvester, LMHC, Kimberly Lafountain, LMHC and Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski, PhD.

A Common Goal: Fostering Empathetic Relationships Within a Child's Care Team
Arianna DeAngelis, MEd and Susan Jewel, BA

"It Takes a Village": Collaborative Care of Eating Disorders
Diane DerMarderosian, MD; Abigail Donaldson, MD; Christina Tortolani, PhD; and Heather Hower, MSW, LICSW, ACSW, QCSW

The Neuropsychology of Trauma
Karen Holler, PhD and Brian Kavanaugh, PsyD, 

The Intersection of Implicit Bias and Clinical Care
Deoshore F. Haig, LCSW; Ernestine Jennings, PhD; Daniel Moreno De Luca, MD, MSc; and Sandra Mote, PhD (c), PMHSCNS-BC

Trauma Toolbox
Scott Sylvester, LMHC; Rebecca Craine, MSEd., CCC-SLP; Susan Curria, MS; Chelsea M. Kopacz, MS, OTR/L; and Melissa J. Weaver, LMHC, ATR-BC

Introduction to SBIRT

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Partnerships, Patient Care, and Prevention for Pediatric and Psychiatric Professionals
Elizabeth Lowenhaupt, MD, FAAP; Anish Raj, MD; Meaghan Fitzgerald, MS, CCLS; Detective Mike Iacone, MA, BA; and Timothy Owens, MA, LMHC

Trauma Informed Work with Survivors of Human Trafficking/Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Jessica Clark, LICSW

Navigating the Courts
Kristina Lavoie, LICSW

Using Genetic and Pharmacological Approaches in the Treatment of People with Autism and Developmental Disabilities
Margaret G. Klitzke, DO and Daniel Moreno De Luca, MD, MSc

When Death Impacts Your Community: Helping Children Heal
Donna Shuurman, EdD, FT; Jennifer Kaplan Schreiber, PhD, LICSW, FT; Carolyn Hames, MS, RN; and Doreen Wiggins, MD

Suicide Assessment Using the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS)
Scott Sylvester, LMHC and Kimberly Lafountain, LMHC

Humane Treatment for Those Who Suffer from Substance Use Disorders
Donna McCarten White, RN, PhD, CNS CADAC

The Efficacy of Art Therapy in Various Levels of Treatment
Melissa Weaver, LMHC, ATR-BC and Rebecca Jacobson, MA, ATR

Introduction to Conscious Discipline
Cheryl Cotter MEd

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
Catherine Friedman, MD

Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Melissa Santoro, LICSW and Kim Lafountain, LMHC

Working with Children and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities and Social/Emotional Disturbances: Assessment, Treatment, and Community Resources
Giulia Righi, PhD, Kehinde Vaz, LCSW, and Olga Resendes, BCaBA

Early Onset Psychosis
Jill Welte, MD, Lorena Reyna, MD, and Jeffrey Hunt, MD

The Intersection of Ethics and Clinical Care in a Polarizing Political Environment
Jonathan Kole, MD, MBe, FAAP, Wendy Plante, PhD, Frederic G. Reamer, PhD, and Beverly Waldman Rich, MS, APRN, BC

Empowering Those Who Care for Others: Sustainable Compassion Training
John Makransky, PhD and Brooke D. Lavelle, PhD

To Give or Not to Give: Indications, Contraindications, and Dynamics of Gift Giving in Child/Adolescent Psychological Trauma Psychotherapy
Francis J. Pescosolido, PhD

Cannabis Use in RI Teens: Rates, Risks, Treatment Challenges, and the Consequences of Possible Legalization
Jeffrey Hunt, MD; Selby Conrad, PhD; Chelsea Neumann, MD; and Ronald Seifer, PhD

Psychological Interventions for Binge Eating Disorder
Anna Schierberl Scherr, PhD

Effective Use of Behavior Chain Analysis Across a Variety of Presenting Problems
Natalie Zervas, PhD and Teresa Preddy, PhD

Between Mad, Sad, and Bad: An Evidence-Based Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Irritability in Children and Adolescents
Daniel Dickstein, MD

Helping Grieving Children and Teens
Ryan C. Loiselle, MSW, LICSW

Supporting Families Affected by Sexual Abuse
Kim Lafountain, LMHC and Melissa Santoro, LICSW

Youth Mental Health First Aid
Susan Curria, BS, RYT200, PCYP and Kim Lafountain, LMHC

Clinical Issues in the Syndemic of HIV infection, Mental illness, and Substance Use
Megan M. Pinkston-Camp, PhD

Cognitive Behavior Interventions for Social Emotional Learning
Cheryl Cotter, MEd

Children, Families, and Fire: Practical Strategies for Clinical Assessment and Intervention for Juvenile Firesetting
Steven Barreto, PhD

DBT Skills Training with Adolescents and Families
Jennifer Kittler, PhD; Natalie Zervas, PhD

The McMaster Approach in Evaluating and Treating Families
Richard Archambault, EdD; Abigail Mansfield, PhD

Children and Adolescents: Stimulants and Benzodiazepines
Brady Case, MD; Cathleen Friedman, MD; James McDonald, MD, MPH

Utilizing a Sensory Processing Approach with Children and Adolescents: Trauma Informed Care 2
Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski, PhD; Jane Cancilliere, MS, MEd, OTR/L, c/NDT; Susan Curria, RYT200, RCYP

What Were They Thinking? Brain Changes in Children with Serious Psychiatric Problems
Daniel Dickstein, MD FAAP

Improving Outcomes for Transgender Patients
Michelle Forcier, MD, MPH; Emily Katz, MD; Robyn L. Ostrander, MD

Using Relationships to Engage Clients in Therapeutic Work
Jennifer Jencks, PhD

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Basics in Working with Adolescents
Jennifer Kittler, PhD; Natalie Zervas, PhD

Suicide Prevention: The Big Picture for Clinicians, Educators and Families
Jennifer Jencks, PhD; Leigh Reposa, MSW, LCSW

Understanding DMST (Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking)
Amy Goldberg, MD, FAAP; Dana Kaplan, MD, FAAP; Kathleen Kemp, PhD;
Marina Tolou-Shams, PhD

Psychological and Behavioral Dynamics of Sexually Traumatized Boys/Adolescents: Implications in Diagnostic Assessment and Clinical Practice
Francis J. Pescosolido, PhD, MPH

Trauma-Informed Care 2: Utilizing a Sensory Processing Approach with Children and Adolescents
Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski, PhD; Jane Cancilliere, MS, Med, OTR/L, c/NDT; Susan Curria, BS

Psychiatric Medications for Non-Prescribers
Henry Sachs, MD; Abiola Alao, MD; Catherine Friedman, MD; Richard Smith, MD

Transference, Countertransference and Vicarious Traumatization Dynamics Arising from Assessment and Treatment of Relationally Based, Psychologically Traumatized Children and Adolescents – Part II: Case-based, Professional/Clinical Exploration and Practical Therapeutic Implementation
Francis J. Pescosolido, PhD, MPH

Transference, Countertransference and Vicarious Traumatization Dynamics Arising from Assessment and Treatment of Relationally Based, Psychologically Traumatized Children and Adolescents – Part I: Theoretical and Clinical Examination  
Francis J. Pescosolido, PhD, MPH

Assessment and Treatment of Trichotillomania in Children and Adolescents  
Jennifer Jencks, PhD

Helping Parents Become Agents of Change: Treatment Externalizing Behavior Problems in Children  
Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD; Angela Stewart, PhD

Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches to the Management of Suicidal Adolescents in Outpatient Practice  
Anthony Spirito, PhD, ABPP

Innovations in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing  
Kristin Lundsten, MSN, BSN, RN; Jessica Olingy, MSN, CPNP-AC; Valerie Seney, LMHC, MSN, RN

Treatment Issues in Children and Adolescents with Medical and Psychiatric Co-Morbidities  
Kristie Puster, PhD; Matthew D. Willis, MD, MPH

Multimodal Integrated Care for Children and Adolescents with Eating Disorders: A Practical Guide for Therapists    
Diane DerMarderosian, MD; Allison Hall, LICSW; Margaret Mannix, PhD; Michelle Rickerby, MD; Christina Tortolani, PhD

OCD Treatment in Children and Adolescents    
Jennifer B. Freeman, PhD; Abbe M. Garcia, PhD; Brady Case, MD

Adolescent Prescription Drug Misuse and Teen Prescription Drug Abuse    
John Femino, MD, FASAS, MRO

Perspectives from the Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline: Responsible Prescribing of Controlled Substances   
James V. McDonald, MD, MPH

Deep Healing for Healers: Meditations of Innate Compassion and Wisdom    
John Makransky, PhD

Motivational Interviewing in Schools: Strategies for Engaging Parents and Teachers  
Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD.

The Future of Funding: Embedding Evidence-Based Practices in Educational and Mental Health Care Settings. An Overview of the Incredible Years Series and Family Check-Up 
Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD

Foundations of Social Emotional Health and Development: The Power of Relationships  
Susan Dickstein, PhD

What the Tweet! Everything a Clinician Needs to Know About Social Media  
Michael Adragna, MD; Karyn Horowitz, MD; Justin Schleifer, MD

Beyond the Blues: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Teen Depression  
Sara Becker, PhD and Jennifer Wolff, PhD

Early Childhood Mental Health: Implications for Attachment-Based Clinical Interventions  
Christine Low, PhD

Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: An Evidence-Based Update on Diagnosis and Treatment  
Daniel Dickstein, MD, FAAP; Kerri Kim, PhD

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Childhood Anxiety Disorders    
Greta Francis, PhD, ABPP

DSM V-5: Implications for Child & Adolescent Diagnoses    
Brady Case, MD; Jeffrey Hunt, MD; Katharine Phillips, MD; Matthew Siegel, MD

Trauma Informed Care: Looking Through the Lens of Trauma

  • An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Adolescents  
    Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski, PhD
  • An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care for Inpatients and Residential Settings  
    Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski, PhD
  • An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care for All Populations  
    Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski, PhD

Advanced Tools for Treating Children in a Family Context
Michelle Rickerby, MD; Thomas Roesler, MD

Using Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents  
Nadine R. Mastroleo, PhD

Psychotherapy for Children with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families
Karen Cammuso, PhD, ABPP; Maria Regan, LICSW; Gina Marini, LICSW

De-escalation, Management of Aggressive Behavior, and Patient Engagement Strategies: A Trauma-Informed Approach
Chris Dorval, LICSW, LCDCS