Bradley Hospital Department of Behavioral Education

The department of behavioral education (DBE) at Bradley Hospital provides a variety of learning opportunities for hospital employees and other behavioral health care professionals in the community. Bradley Hospital’s clinical expertise, renowned research center and academic affiliation with The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University make the hospital a unique and invaluable resource in all areas of behavioral health care.

Whether on the main Bradley Hospital campus, at one of Bradley’s sites throughout Rhode Island, or within the community, the DBE is committed to deepening knowledge of human behavior and promoting higher standards of learning in behavioral health care.

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Contact Us

To contact the department of behavioral education at Bradley Hospital, please call 401-432-1106 or email Melissa Crane at

We will be happy to provide more information about the courses we offer or discuss how we can customize a curriculum to meet your needs.

About Our Courses

The DBE courses have been designed to improve participants’ knowledge and skills, thereby promoting quality patient services through highly competent employees. Each course incorporates learning principles for both licensed and unlicensed attendees.

Program models include live class presentations, role-playing, group discussion, computer-based learning, evidence-based curricula, and satellite conferencing. Individual competency is measured through skills demonstration and pre- and post-test formats, which are monitored through a computer-based management system.

Upcoming Courses

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