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Readiness to Change

The Center for Evidence-Based Practice (CEBP) supports training and delivery of brief, motivational interventions designed to increase parent, staff, and organizational readiness to change and to build engagement in evidence-based programs and practices:

  • The Family Check-Up is a brief evidence-based parent engagement model that involves assessment, feedback, and family support within a motivational interviewing framework. Family Check-Up involves two or three individual visits between families and a trained counselor or therapist with the goal of fostering motivation to change maladaptive practices and to develop an individualized family action plan for targeting family risk and protective factors. The Family Check-Up was modified by Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD, explicitly to assess and target parent readiness to sustain involvement in more in depth parenting programs including the Incredible Years® program and family home-based programs. The CEBP offers initial development consultation to further modify the approach to fit the needs of specific settings and populations, and then provides training and an ongoing consultation group for clinicians specifically interested in this modified approach to the Family Check-Up.

  • Classroom and Program Check-Ups are similar in format and structure to the Family Check-Up. Within these models, CEBP staff assess and build staff and organizational capacities and readiness to adopt new programs and practices.

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