Cancer Genetics Program
Lifespan Cancer Institute

High-Risk Hereditary Cancer Syndrome Clinic

After preliminary assessment and testing, you may be referred to the high-risk hereditary cancer syndrome clinic, which addresses the specific needs of individuals who are at a high risk for cancer due to a known hereditary cancer syndrome. Based on test results, the clinic will have information to help with planning for screening, preventive care options, or referrals for treatment.

Contact Us

For an appointment at the High Risk Hereditary Cancer Syndrome Clinic: 

Phone: 1-844-222-2881

Fax for referrals: 401-444-3913 

Each type of hereditary cancer syndrome has different screening recommendations. Typically, a patient would have a yearly visit to coordinate screening to reduce cancer risks. If screening recommendations involve multiple organ systems, the clinic will consolidate the screenings as much as possible.

The goal of the clinic is to have one place to review the current testing recommendations and to confirm that all screenings have been completed. The clinic offers:

  • A personalized schedule for cancer screening
  • Review of risk reduction options
  • Future appointment plans

If you choose to participate, your primary care physician and other providers will continue to be involved with your care.