The Center for Cardiac, Pulmonary, and Vascular Fitness

Prevention Programs

The Health for Life program at the Center for Cardiac Fitness and the Risk Reduction Program at Newport Hospital draw upon a proven approach that maximizes success through the integration of three critical components: exercise, education, and behavior modification under medical supervision. Both programs teach healthy living practices to those who are at increased risk of heart disease but have not experienced a cardiac episode.

patient talking to nurse about food and diet

More Information

For more information or for the class schedule, please call 401-793-5810 (Providence) or 401-845-1179 (Newport).

Who Will Benefit from Ongoing Training?

Individuals who:

  • Have an implanted cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker
  • Are experiencing symptoms of lower extremity vascular disease, such as pain in the calves or thighs after walking short distances
  • Are at increased cardiac risk due to diabetes, hypertension, elevated lipids, cigarette smoking, and/or obesity

How Does It Help?

Benefits of a medically supervised exercise program include:

  • Improved psychosocial wellness
  • Reduced cigarette smoking
  • Diminished stress
  • Improved blood lipid levels
  • A 20-percent decline in mortality rates due to heart disease

How Does It Work?

We’ll assess your overall well-being and your goals for maintaining or improving your cardiac and pulmonary health, then prescribe a personalized program to help you achieve them. Exercise physiologists, nurses and physical therapists all provide safe, expert instruction, and the exercise prescription is adjusted as your needs change. We monitor your progress and report results to your physician.

Programs typically include more rigorous, less structured exercise than cardiac rehabilitation programs.

Some facets of our cardiopulmonary maintenance and prevention programs are:

  • Weight training and Thera-Band workshops
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Supermarket visits to learn more about good eating habits
  • Food festivals
  • Family nights
  • Risk-reduction programs
  • Nutritional, behavioral and medication consultations

Support groups, relaxation therapy services, and classes in yoga, tai chi and meditation strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection and help reduce the everyday stress that often undermines positive lifestyle changes.

Who Is Eligible?

Health for Life is a self-pay program for individuals with cardiac and pulmonary diagnoses. Health insurance plans do not cover these services. Program costs are structured as monthly membership dues and are based on the number of visits each week. Please speak to staff about any financial concerns.