Center for Pediatric Imaging
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Pediatric Sedation Services

A child is examined by a doctor.

To acquire clear, precise images, patients must be still during imaging procedures. We recognize that it's not always easy for children to stay still, especially when they're nervous.

Our highly qualified sedation nurses and fellowship-trained pediatric intensivists consider the patient's age, the procedure required, and the patient's medical condition in order to determine if sedation is necessary.

What Is Sedation, and Why Is it Needed?

Children may need the medical procedures we provide for many different reasons. However, children are naturally active and usually cannot remain very still, especially for uncomfortable or long medical procedures. Also, many children fear hospital visits. Under sedation, children are free of anxiety, pain and discomfort.

Many Procedures, Only One Visit

Sedation is very helpful if your child needs to have many different medical procedures or tests because all or most of them can be performed during the same visit to our center. Fewer visits means less stress and discomfort for your child than multiple appointments. Also, your child will have fewer absences from school, fewer separations from family and normal routines, and fewer days of eating and/or drinking restrictions.

Our medical team excels at working with each child's doctor and collaborating with other departments at Hasbro Children's Hospital to arrange the multiple tests under one sedation. Your child will be continuously monitored during the entire sedation and while all tests are performed. You can usually stay with your child during the tests.

Our Services

Our skilled medical team can perform many different types of procedures, as requested by your child's doctor. While a child is sedated, we can perform services such as MRIs, CT ("CAT") scans, x-rays, VCUGs, bone marrow aspirations or lumbar punctures. We can also perform dental procedures, dressing changes, cancer treatments, or other services that are needed.

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