Children's Mental Health Services at Gateway Healthcare

Child & Family Therapeutic Outreach Services (CFTO)

Gateway Healthcare’s Child & Family Therapeutic Outreach Services are designed to provide crisis stabilization and intensive treatment to children and youth with behavioral health disorders when they are in crisis at home, and in the school and community.  This program is a based on a family systems model which requires a combination of caregiver and child/youth participation to be most effective and to ensure sustainability of interventions.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Reduce symptoms and behaviors that seriously disrupt the child’s social and emotional health and the family’s functioning
  • Assess the environment and family-child interactions and identify areas to address that will help everyone better understand how to decrease disruptions and improve relationships
  • Assist in linking families to needed supports
  • Prepare for the transition to longer term outpatient treatment to sustain lasting positive outcomes

Our Team

Our highly trained team of psychiatrists, therapists, case managers, and psychologists provide services statewide in the home for several hours each week until the child/youth is able to discharge to outpatient services.  During treatment, clinical staff communicate with the child’s school, pediatrician, medical specialists, and other service providers involved with the family to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care.

A Wide Range of Strength-Based Therapeutic Services

In addition to helping children with generalized behavioral health difficulties, the CFTO program has several teams that specialize in treating children and youth with the following challenges:

RiteCare, commercial insurance, and Medicaid are accepted.