Children's Rehabilitation Services

Medical-Based Clinics

The department of pediatric rehabilitation works with several other departments at Lifespan to deliver a comprehensive continuum of care. Our medical-based clinics provide patients with additional specialty care to ensure the highest success for their long-term recovery.


The spasticity management program provides comprehensive care for children with movement disorders related to cerebral palsy, traumatic and non traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and acute and chronic neuromuscular disorders. It is led by Karen Kerman, MD, a board-certified pediatric neurologist, and medical director of pediatric rehabilitation services.

Pediatric Pain Clinic

The pediatric rehabilitation location in Providence is home to the pediatric pain clinic. Patients receive evaluation by a team of pediatric providers in physical therapy, pain medicine and behavioral pain medicine. Psychiatric consultation will be provided as needed. Appropriate referrals include headache, functional abdominal pain, neuropathic pain, psychogenic pain disorders, complex regional pain syndrome, sickle cell, or chronic pain associated with another medical illness.

A child getting rehab in a pool with a therapist.

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