Children's Residential Treatment Services
Bradley Hospital

Your Child's Stay

To minimize the presence of unsafe items in the residence, all patient clothing and personal items will be examined by staff upon admission. A list of items that are not allowed at the Bradley Center will be provided.

Searches to ensure patient safety will be conducted as needed. A patient’s room, person and belongings will be inspected when there is reason to believe that a patient may possess items harmful to himself or herself, or to others. This may include items that are not on the list of unsafe or not allowed items.

Three appealing, well-balanced meals and two snacks are served daily, and fruit is always available.

Screen time is balanced with time for other activities.

A teacher is available to tutor patients during their stay, and access to Google Classroom is available to enable students to keep up with their schoolwork.

Special activities such as movie nights are planned for the weekends.

Toward the end of their stay, patients receive passes to allow them to practice their new skills at home or in the community.

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