Cleft and Craniofacial Center
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Hearing Tests

If an infant does not pass the screening test for hearing in the birth hospital, a follow-up secondary hearing test will be recommended. Follow-up testing is important to evaluate whether the child has hearing loss.

A special hearing test, called an auditory brainstem evoked response (ABR), may be scheduled to obtain more detailed information about the baby’s hearing. If there are concerns for hearing loss the infant will be referred to our ear, nose and throat doctor.

Regular assessment of hearing, typically at least once a year, is recommended for the first few years of life. 

Hearing Loss and Cleft Lip

Children with isolated cleft lip do not have a higher chance of developing ear infections or fluid behind their ear drums. However, ear disease is common in children under 3 years in general. When there are concerns, an evaluation with the ear, nose and throat physician is advised.