COBRE Center for Cancer Research Development
Rhode Island Hospital

COBRE CCRD Administrative Overview


The administrative core will continue to be directed by Bharat Ramratnam, MD. The major goal of the core is to provide administrative oversight to all activities for the Center for Cancer Research Development. The administrative core provides the establishment of benchmarks for evaluating core performance on financial, scientific and managerial grounds.

The administrative core coordinates the mentoring activities of the COBRE Center for Cancer Research Development (COBRE CCRD) and provides administrative support for the principal investigators, the senior faculty mentors and the subproject investigators. A key responsibility is the facilitation of communication at several levels: within and between projects, with cores, with advisory committees, with collaborating investigators at other institutions and presentation and publication of data. The administrative core organizes and schedules COBRE CCRD-sponsored seminars, symposia, newsletters and annual reports, as well as managing the annual meeting with external advisory and the Senior Faculty Mentoring and Advisory Committee (SFMAC).

Facilities for teleconferencing and coordination of career development activities including workshops and individual consultations on responsible conduct in science, scientific writing, presentation skills and laboratory management are offered through this core to ensure that COBRE CCRD investigators develop essential skills complementary to their scientific expertise. It works closely with the grants administrator assigned to this COBRE grant in providing guidance and assistance to investigators submitting funding applications. In addition, the administrative core will provide editorial services and coordinate with mentors in soliciting additional internal peer review of new and revised grants and advice on responses to IRG critiques.