Comprehensive Epilepsy Program
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Epilepsy Treatment Options

The best treatment plan for a patient is based on careful consideration of numerous factors, including age, state of health, medical history, seizure history (types and frequency), personal preferences and reactions to specific medications.

The majority of epilepsy patients can successfully manage their condition with antiepileptic medications. However, for up to 30 percent of patients, their epilepsy can be medication-resistant, and other treatment options may be required.


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The goal of treatment is to stop or lessen the frequency and/or intensity of seizures, while minimizing disruptions to daily living as much as possible, with no seizures and no side effects being our ultimate goal.

We offer the following treatment options:

The opportunity to participate in clinical research trials for new epilepsy treatments may also be available to some patients. The patient's physician will discuss participation in a trial if the patient is a potential candidate.

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