Diabetes and Endocrine in Pregnancy Program
Women's Medicine Collaborative

Postpartum Care

Following delivery, we invite all of our gestational diabetes patients to attend our postpartum shared medical appointment. During this group appointment with other women who had gestational diabetes, you will undergo a fasting glucose tolerance test (GTT). While waiting for this two-hour test to be completed, our obstetric medicine team discusses what the results of the GTT mean, as well as other concerns such as breastfeeding, postpartum depression, stress, sleep and musculoskeletal pain.

We follow you after delivery as needed. We share notes and test results with your primary care provider to ensure continuity of care, and encourage you to maintain close follow-up care with your primary care and other health care providers to receive the proper screening and education to help manage or prevent diabetes.

We educate our patients about the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, including physical activity and a healthy diet. Programs offered at our Lifestyle Medicine Center can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.