Infectious Diseases

The Brown University Global Health Initiative

The Division of Infectious Diseases is a partner in Brown University's Global Health Initiative, a multidisciplinary effort to reduce health inequalities among under-served populations locally and worldwide through education, research, service and the development of partnerships.

With current projects and programs in 33 countries, the Global Health Initiative is particularly well positioned to expand and to accelerate global health efforts.

The initiative encompasses a wide range of practitioners and researchers across medicine, public health, biomedical research, social science, and engineering to provide sustainable solutions in partnership with communities and institutions around the globe.

Susan Cu-Uvin, MD, an HIV physician at The Miriam Hospital, is director of the Brown University Global Health Initiative.

Dr. Cu-Uvin’s work with the program includes a Kenya-based project that compares the accuracy of Pap smears versus visual inspection as a cervical cancer screening tool for HIV-positive women in Eldoret, a mid-sized city in western Kenya.

“The Miriam Hospital has a longstanding commitment to bring HIV awareness and knowledge to countries that are disproportionately affected by this disease and lack the resources to effectively cope with it,” she explains.

Cu-Uvin adds, “Our goal is to improve the clinical care, survival and quality of life of the millions of HIV-positive people living in these countries and prevent further spread of the disease.”

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