Inpatient Rehabilitation
Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center

Inpatient Rehabilitation Safety and Security

Electrical equipment brought from home

If you bring any electrical product to the center for your use, it must be inspected by the hospital facilities management department. Before you use any electrical equipment, please notify your nurse and we will arrange for a safety check.

Inpatient rehabilitation patient

Contact the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Inpatient Unit at Newport Hospital

For more information about the programs and services offered, please call 401-606-4432.

Fire safety

We conduct fire drills on all three shifts for the training of our staff. We will help you move to safety from the area (even in a drill) and we will verify that doors are closed and all patients are accounted for. We apologize for the disruption the drills cause, but we want you to know they are for your protection and safety. We have both a sprinkler system (installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards and applicable building code requirements) and smoke detectors.

The smoke detectors activate the fire alarm system, and affected areas are alerted by an audible signal (a siren sound) and flashing strobe lights. (So you're not startled by them, please remember that these lights are installed in bathrooms as well.) Fire alarm pull stations are located throughout the center and are designed to automatically active the alarm system.

Nurse call system

We have a nurse call system for patient safety and security. When you press the call button, it illuminates a visual signal outside your room and sounds an audible signal at the nursing station. The intercom in your room is connected to the call system, and a nurse may use the intercom to ask you what you need.