Inpatient Rehabilitation
Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center

The Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Team

During your stay at the center many people will participate in your care. Each patient's rehabilitation is unique. Based on your individual needs, the following health care team members may be assigned to work with you:

  • Case Manager - Case managers provide the information and resources you need to prepare for your discharge from the center. Your case manager will talk with you and your family about the goals your rehabilitation team sets for you and will also collaborate with your treatment team to ensure your successful return to home and the community.
  • Dietitian - A dietitian helps plan the most healthful diet for each patient.
  • Neuropsychologist - A psychiatrist, therapist or social worker helps patients deal with the emotional and psychological effects of neurological impairment.
  • Social Worker - A social worker, psychiatrist or therapist helps patients deal with the emotional and psychological effects of neurological impairment.
  • Rehabilitation Nurse - Our nursing staff is specially trained to care for patients with a wide variety of rehabilitative needs. They also ensure that the patient’s pain is well controlled before any therapy is started.
  • Occupational Therapist - Occupational therapists help patients become as independent as possible in performing daily tasks such as eating, drinking, dressing, bathing, cooking, reading, writing, and toileting.
  • Physiatrists - Physiatrists are rehabilitation physicians who are experts in treating injuries to nerves, muscles, and bones. They are trained in the medical specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Physical Therapist - Physical therapists help patients improve their strength, balance and coordination, and their ability to move.
  • Physician Specialists - The patient’s physician specialist and/or surgeon can continue to participate in the patient’s care throughout the rehabilitative process.
  • Speech Language Pathologist - Speech language pathologists help patients improve their ability to swallow; relearn language and communication skills; and learn ways to improve memory and other cognitive skills such as problem solving.

The Vanderbilt Rehabilitation difference