Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Center

Child Protection Center at Hasbro Children's Hospital

In response to the critical need for assessment and treatment of potentially abused children, Hasbro Children's Hospital has instituted the Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Program.

The program provides services for children who may have been victims of sexual, physical or emotional abuse, neglect or factitious disorders (medical child abuse).

Recognizing the Signs of Child Abuse and Taking Action

Dana Kaplan, MD, FAAP, discusses what actions to take if someone suspects child abuse.

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Our Services

The child protection program was created in 1996 through the collaboration of Hasbro Children’s Hospital and The Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University. 

Our clinical expertise is a critical resource to state child protection agencies, child advocacy centers, law enforcement and the state’s attorney general. We serve all of Rhode Island, Bristol County, Mass., central Massachusetts and parts of Connecticut. 

Our center hosts New England’s only fellowship program in child abuse pediatrics.


Appointments and/or referrals can be made directly by victims and their families, or by members of the mental health, education, medical, legal, and law enforcement fields, as well as by state child protective agencies. After evaluation at the ChildSafe Clinic, the team will work to refer the child and/or family to counseling as needed. Contact information for referrals.

Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Center Locations