Lifespan Clinical Research Center

Lifespan Clinical Research Center Facility and Costs

The Coro Center is a 270,000-square-foot building complex that is adjacent to the Rhode Island Hospital campus. It serves as home to the majority of research laboratories in the Lifespan system, and now houses the Clinical Research Center’s newly renovated outpatient clinical research unit.

The unit includes five multi-purpose and adaptable examination rooms, all of which can be staged to suit a specific trial. A second outpatient unit is located at 1125 North Main Street, near The Miriam Hospital campus. This unit includes six examination rooms. Both units have access to a central specimen processing lab, located in the RISE building, next door to 1125 North Main. Together, these units supply easy access from points north, south, east, and west for the convenience of enrolled patients.

The exterior of Lifespan's Coro Building

Contact the Clinical Research Center

For general questions about access to the center's services and facilities, budget preparation and costs, and scheduling for initial meetings, please contact Amy Palmisciano at 401-793-8788, or Tejashree Kulkarni at 401-793-8577.

Clinical Research Center Costs

Our staff can provide the specific costs for various services on request. Whenever possible, we will provide steeply discounted services for residents, graduate students and fellows within the Brown University research community. Direct costs for Clinical Research Center support should be reflected in budgets for new grant applications.

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