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Lifespan Clinical Research Center Services

Biobanking and Specimen Processing

Located in the Lifespan Clinical Research Center (CRC), the lab serves as a resource for sample processing and shipping to support a broad range of clinical trials. Our staff can assist with the development of specimen processing procedures for upcoming studies that might have unique needs. Also located at the Lifespan Immunology Research Lab, the biobank serves as an in-house specimen repository that can be used by Advance-CTR investigators.

  • Any biospecimen collected under a Lifespan IRB-approved protocol is eligible for storage in the Lifespan CRC biobank
  • We support biospecimens that:
    • Require processing or have already been processed
    • Are in both long- and short-term storage with or without a release date
    • Are from the research community
  • Examples of specimens may include:
    • Plasma
    • Serum
    • Solid tissue
    • Whole blood
    • Peripheral blood cells or bone marrow
    • Saliva or buccal cells
    • Urine
    • Cerebral spinal fluid
    • Cord blood or its derivatives
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Consultations and Monitoring

In addition to consultations and monitoring, we also offer pilot study sponsorship and project management.

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Biostatistics Core

The Biostatistics Core at Rhode Island Hospital offers centralized biostatistics consultation services to Clinical Research Center investigators, providing or steering investigators to a broad array of resources during all phases of research. 

During planning, the core can provide high-quality trial design, including final sculpting of specific aims and hypotheses, measure selection, power analysis, data analysis planning, and grant/proposal preparation. 

At the beginning of a trial, the core can assist in construction of REDCap data collection tools, databases, and data management protocols, and provide help with special technology needs, such as purchasing non-standard equipment. 

Throughout the trial, the core can provide decision support, assessing the impact of potential design additions or changes on final statistical inference. It can serve on or help find individuals to serve on the trial’s data and safety monitoring board (DSMB).

At the conclusion of the trial, the core can assist with implementation of the data analysis plan, either by providing access to contemporary statistical analysis software and coaching, or by conducting analyses for or with investigators. 

During reporting/publication preparation, the core can assist in write-up, data visualization, and integration of interpretations in the broader context of the project, and help address comments from peer reviewers.

As a long-time central resource, the core serves as a well-trafficked hub for the larger research network formed by Lifespan and Brown University. It facilitates connections and fosters new collaboration between investigators and specialists in the community.

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Clinical Monitoring

We provide consistent access to highly skilled research nursing staff to monitor clinical services and collaborate with the medical director and project management staff. The nursing staff contributes valuable clinical insight that will help optimize the research design process, and improve enrollment and retention in research studies.

Pilot/Feasibility Study Sponsorship

Funds will be available to help three fellow or junior faculty in the Lifespan system launch pilot studies. The hope is that the data generated from these initial studies can be used as preliminary data for subsequent larger grant applications.

Project Management

Through our center, investigators have access to project management services and support from expert clinical research coordinators. The coordinators can assist with study development, data management, medical and technical writing, regulatory affairs, contract and grant administration, and budget management, among others. Senior mentors within the Lifespan system and outside experts will also be hired and compensated by the CRC to provide expert reviews of grant applications prior to submission.

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