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Safe Sitter

Lifespan Community Health a Gold Level Safe Sitter Provider

Lifespan Community Health Institute has been recognized as a Gold Level Safe Sitter Provider for teaching 138 students in 2019. Gold Providers teach over 125 students per year.

Upcoming Safe Sitter Classes

Friday, June 30
Cross Point Church
14 Rhode Island Ave., Newport

Friday, July 14
Lifespan Community Health Institute
335R Prairie Ave., Suite 2B, Providence

Register for a Safe Sitter class 

Essential skills for kids ages 11 to 14

Safe Sitter is more than just a babysitting course; it advocates for safe childcare, good parenting skills and responsible adolescents. Instructors are enthusiastic and committed to teens, and all are certified to teach Safe Sitter.

Instruction for this one-day program includes:

  • Babysitting as a Business
  • Preventing Injuries
  • CPR Training
  • Safety for the Sitter
  • Behavior Management Skills
  • Injury Management
  • Care of a Choking Infant and Child

The program costs $50, which includes all materials.

Classes are usually held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at various locations.

Sign up for one of our upcoming classes or call to bring a Safe Sitter program to your community.