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Oxygen Equipment

Supplemental oxygen boosts the amount of this life-sustaining gas that your lungs receive and then deliver to your bloodstream. Therapy may be prescribed when you have a condition that causes diminished blood oxygen levels, which may make you feel short of breath, tired, or confused, and can damage your body.

Oxygen is stored as a gas or liquid in special tanks. Concentrators pull oxygen out of the air for immediate use. They do not require refills, so they won’t run out.

Concentrators and portable tanks make it easier for you to move about while using supplemental oxygen therapy.

The Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System provides an unlimited, refillable ambulatory oxygen supply for patients to provide greater mobility and increased independence than traditional oxygen tanks. A prescription from your physician is required. The Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System:

  • Provides an unlimited, refillable oxygen supply
  • Ensures oxygen purity is always greater than 90 percent
  • Supplies your needs at night with a continuous-flow oxygen concentrator
  • Works with various cylinder sizes
Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System
Video: How to use the Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Travel Guide

With proper planning, you don’t have to give up travel when you are using supplemental oxygen. There’s no need to arrange for equipment at your destination if you have a portable oxygen concentrator (POC).

POCs make travel more carefree as the units are light, easy to use, and run on rechargeable batteries.

We lend our Lifespan Home Medical oxygen patients who travel a portable oxygen concentrator to enable easy mobility during short trips within the United States. 

Use of loaner units needs to be scheduled in advance to ensure availability. Please call our respiratory therapists for more details and to reserve a unit.