Lifespan Medical Simulation Center

Educational Applications

The potential applications of medical simulation are expanding dramatically in scope and number as research begins to show promise for this valuable training tool.

Medical Simulation Technology

Medical simulation technology allows for realistic clinical scenarios using life-sized computerized patient manikins that are able to respond in real-time to a variety of clinical interventions and pharmacologic agents.

The appeal of reproducible enactments embodying critical, stressful real-life situations, while absolutely eliminating risk of harm to patients or staff, is clear in our increasingly patient-safety-conscious medical community:

  • Simulation can be used to improve clinical decision-making and psychomotor skills (e.g., airway management, trauma resuscitation).
  • Simulation reduces medical error through improved teamwork.
  • Scenarios can be created to expose medical professionals to known error-producing conditions or to rare but critical clinical situations that may require specialized training.
  • Educators can ensure a reproducible curriculum for all trainees.
  • Training can be conducted in a setting that minimizes time pressures present in the clinical environment.