Lifespan Medical Simulation Center

HPS Manikin (METI)

The HPS manikin (METI) is an anesthesia-grade high-fidelity medical simulation manikin, designed to conduct sophisticated scenarios featuring physiologic modeling and realistic responses to procedural and pharmacologic interventions.

METI HPS manikin
The METI HPS manikin is a high fidelity manikin with fully computerized control and audiovisual interactive capability.

METI's features include:

  • Sophisticated mathematical models of human physiology and pharmacology automatically determine patient response to learner actions and interventions
  • Realistic cardiopulmonary physiology and ventilatory mechanics allowing for anesthesia simulation with active anesthetic gases
  • Barcode drug recognition system
  • Ability to simulate lacrimation, salivation and urine production
  • Ability to develop hemo-/pneumothorax, hemopericardium and hematuria
  • Enhanced trauma/disaster casualty capabilities

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