Lifespan Medical Simulation Center

Transportable Simulation-Based Training Curriculum

Module 1: Critical Thinking and Decision Making
Difficult Airway Management in Patient with Status Asthmaticus

Module 2: Teamwork and Leadership Training for Crisis Managment
Multi-Patient Multi-Trauma Leadership Scenario

Module 3: Medical Error Disclosure
Antidote Dosing Error in a Pediatric Acetaminophen Overdose Patient

Module 4: Transitions in Patient Care
Iatrogenic Patient Deterioration in CT Scan
(IV Contrast Anaphylactoid Reaction)

Pediatric Airway Management Modules

Module 1: 3-month-old with Bronchiolitis

Module 2: 16-year-old with Intoxication

Ultrasound Simulation Training Modules

All ultrasound training modules

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