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Emmanuel is a fun-loving kid with a curiosity for the world that seems endless.

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Emmanuel cooking
“Lifespan takes care of everything. Anything I need, I can just call and they will help,” Dora says of her son’s care teams. She is glad to have help from people who know about the intricacies of Down syndrome.


What should have been a fun family visit to an aunt’s house quickly turned into a rush to the emergency room when Kai felt a tingling in his lips and tongue after snacking on some pistachios.

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Kai doing gymnastics
Kathie and Kai have come up with a detailed system of understanding the foods he can and cannot eat.


Violet is thriving today thanks to the boundless love of her family and the expertise of specialist physicians and other medical professionals who have cared for her since her birth.

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Violet smiling
Violet’s parents say the team at Hasbro Children’s was laser-focused on achieving the optimal outcome for Violet.


A troubled childhood does not have to mean a troubled life.

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A young woman attending a session at Bradley Hospital
“[Jess] advocates for herself now. And she balances her own needs while also recognizing and respecting the needs of her family.”