Pediatric Primary Care

A Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient-centered means that YOU are the most important person on your health care team.

A medical home is a medical team working together with you to provide you the best possible medical care. It is a model that emphasizes improving and maintaining healthy lifestyles through evidence-based care.

Your primary care provider works as the gatekeeper and helps to coordinate your care with hospitals and specialists. Patients and their families are responsible for providing an accurate medical history and information about any care obtained outside the practice. We are here to work with you and provide the support you need.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our patients with premium medical care through the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of practice. Through collaboration with each individual specialist, hospital and other healthcare providers, each patient and their family remains at all times the focus of our care, resulting in a coordinated continuum of healthcare.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to see our patients enjoying optimal health through prevention, anticipatory guidance, and management of a spectrum of medical problems. Our dedicated staff respects each patient and their family’s need for compassionate care, cultural sensitivity, understanding, and confidentiality. Patients and their families are to feel respected and genuinely cared for each time they enter our office.

Patient medical care diagram