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Change is hard. The health and wellness coaches at the Lifespan Lifestyle Medicine Center understand. They offer the dynamic, personal, and compassionate guidance that will allow you to develop and maintain new skills to reach your personal goals.

Not sure how to get started or stay motivated? The Lifestyle Medicine Center has a long track record of helping individuals make significant lifestyle changes. Our team is staffed by degreed and certified professionals specifically trained to recognize the barriers that individuals face in making positive changes for a healthier lifestyle. They work with you, alongside you, and on your behalf. The results will help you transform your perspective, health, and lifestyle – for a lifetime.

What Is a Health and Wellness Coach?

First and foremost, Lifespan health and wellness coaches believe in you. Under their care and attention, you will develop positive behavior adjustments that will change the way you eat, exercise, manage stress, and help you to modify unhealthy habits. Above all, a health and wellness coach will help you find the motivation within yourself to make positive changes.

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Contact Our Coaches

For additional information on how to enroll, contact the Lifestyle Medicine Center at 401-793-7837.

What Does a Health and Wellness Coach Do?

A health and wellness coach works one-on-one with you to help you improve your lifestyle. Don’t think of a health and wellness coach as someone with a stopwatch, hovering over you as you do push-ups. A relatively new profession, health and wellness coaches are trained to incorporate strategies from the psychology, behavior change, and life coaching fields so you can overcome your challenges to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Should You Consider a Health and Wellness Coach?

Yes. If you are reading this, you (or those you are trying to help) are ready to consider a health and wellness coach. Your coach will guide you, effectively, with evidence-based skills and insightful mentoring. It will be personal, reliable, professional, and caring. But it is up to you, and only you, because your success depends on the effort you put in. Lifespan health and wellness coaches are committed to helping you achieve your healthy goals.

Health and Wellness Coaches Near Me in Rhode Island

Health and Wellness Coaching is conveniently located in Providence, Rhode Island at the Lifestyle Medicine Center.

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