Medical Education and Training Programs at Bradley

Clinical Practicum Opportunities

The communication disorders department at Bradley Hospital and speech-language pathologists in the Bradley School offer graduate level clinical practicum opportunities for graduate students in ASHA CAA accredited programs that have contracts with Bradley Hospital. In both the Center for Autism Developmental Disabilities (CADD) and Bradley School programs, contact hours can be obtained for both diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Trainees also gain experience collaborating with classroom teachers and participating in multidisciplinary diagnostic conferences, treatment planning and review. Experience can typically be obtained primarily for evaluations and treatment of child language disorders, although articulation, fluency and voice problems are sometimes addressed. The primary difference in the clinical caseload between the Bradley School and the CADD is the level of severity of the children's behavioral and/or cognitive disorders.

Bachelor's level trainees assist speech-language pathologists in preparing for assessments or intervention. They may also provide clerical support for educational activities (in-services, professional development, university affiliations, CEU sponsorship, IEP documentation and progress tracking). On-site observation hours for students not enrolled as interns are not available due to privacy laws.

To learn more, please call manager Lauren J. Hummel, PhD, CCC-SLP, at 401-432-1145.

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