Minimally Invasive Urology Institute

Delivering Excellence in Urologic Patient Care, Education & Research

The Minimally Invasive Urology Institute (MIUI) at The Miriam Hospital offers  a variety of treatment options including minimally invasive laparoscopic and robot-assisted procedures. 

Minimally invasive procedures use advanced technology to reduce damage to surrounding tissue while performing surgery. This type of surgery is performed through small keyhole incisions, with a miniature camera that magnifies the image on a video monitor in the operating room. This state-of-the-art technology expands the surgeon’s visibility and provides a range of motion that is superior to the range of motion in the human wrist.

Advancing Urology Care. Transforming Lives.

The MIUI experts reflect on launching the region’s first comprehensive center for urology care, and a decade of delivering excellence in patient care, education, and research.

Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Care

The institute’s medical teams provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. As appropriate, teams may include urologists, surgeons, internal medicine physicians, nephrologists, oncologists, anesthesiologists, nurses, physical therapists, dietitians, geriatricians, and social workers.

All of our staff members are specially trained in urology and take a collaborative approach to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of care.

Conditions We Treat

We offer specialized care for conditions including:

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Research and Clinical Trials at the MIUI

Research is currently being conducted to learn more about urological disease and how it affects our patients.