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About Us

High-Risk Protocol

We are the only group in Rhode Island that has practice-wide protocols for high-risk obstetrics. A protocol is a list of specific blood tests, ultrasounds, frequency of visits, etc. that we follow for high risk conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure in pregnancy. The protocols are evidence-based which means they are derived from the best available medical research. We currently have 30 protocols that address a variety of obstetric problems. 

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Contact Us

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at one of our locations.

We have agreed as a practice to follow these protocols which means that whichever doctor or midwife you see will adhere to the same recommendations. All the obstetric practitioners meet every two weeks to discuss our high-risk patients. This enables us to coordinate your care within our large group.

Our practice partners with a team of specialists in the Multidisciplinary Obstetric Medicine Service (MOMS) at the Women's Medicine Collaborative.

Professionally Run Office

We are committed to providing expedient and reliable service to all our patients. We currently have 8 secretaries that are available during business hours to answer questions and schedule appointments. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our patients with visits within 24 hours of calling with a concern. We have an obstetric coordinator who oversees all of our obstetric patients' testing throughout their pregnancies. We also have a surgical coordinator in charge of booking the surgeries for our patients.

Our physicians each have their own medical assistant who ensures proper follow-up.  Our practice uses an electronic medical record. This has been shown to decrease errors due to poor penmanship and to increase efficiency. Also, we send prescriptions electronically, directly to your pharmacy.

Commitment to Midwifery

We were the first group in Rhode Island to have midwives on staff. Throughout the years we have had a diverse group of nurse-midwives providing care to low-risk obstetric and gynecologic patients. Having midwives enables us to give our patients the choice of delivering in the Alternative Birthing Center (ABC) at Women & Infants Hospital, which is dedicated to providing a natural birthing experience for women with low-risk pregnancies in a setting which encourages active family participation. The ABC offers families a home-like environment in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere with immediate access to the resources of a specialized tertiary health care center.

Where we deliver

We do all of our deliveries at Women & Infants Hospital.  We perform our surgeries at Rhode Island Hospital, where our patients are most often admitted to the Women’s Medicine Inpatient Unit. The Women’s Medicine Inpatient Unit is the state’s only Women’s Unit within a full service tertiary hospital. It features private rooms with private bathrooms.

Collaboration and Compassion

We have the advantage of many highly trained and experienced providers in one place and easy access to medical specialists at the Women's Medicine Collaborative. We work in partnership with one another, consulting on difficult cases and assisting each other in surgery. We also believe in including patients and their families in the decision making process. Our physicians, midwives and staff are dedicated to providing you with the best care, both physically and emotionally.