Outpatient Psychiatry

Benefits of Telepsychiatry and Telemental Health

Telemental health, also known as telepsychiatry, is the term used for health care services you receive while not being physically in the room with your therapist. The capabilities of telemental health and telepsychiatry include speaking over the phone and video conference. Other services may be available depending on the patient’s specific needs. The use of telehealth technologies supports long-distance clinical health care between the patient and licensed therapists.

What are the benefits of telepsychiatry and telemental health?

Telemental health and telepsychiatry have the ability to eliminate the physical obstacles that may prohibit a patient from seeking professional help. By utilizing virtual options, patients and licensed therapists are able to maintain appointments by having the ability to speak remotely and maintain clinical care even when not face-to-face.

Additionally, telehealth increases access to care, reduces hospitalizations and re-admissions, and enhances traditional face-to-face medicine—improving patient engagement and satisfaction.

What are the technical requirements?

The technical requirements of telemental health will vary depending on what type of telehealth service the patient is seeking. Generally, to utilize telehealth users will need phone access.

Lifespan telepsychiatry and telemental health services

With Lifespan Telehealth, patients are now able to take advantage of the benefits of connecting with their licensed health care providers over the phone. Telehealth aims to meet the growing and changing needs of today’s health care consumers and has revolutionized the way health care can be delivered. Telemedicine has the ability to deliver care in an efficient way that is completely personalized based on patients' needs. By utilizing our telehealth services, patients can communicate with licensed therapists via phone in a safe, secure way.

The Lifespan Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Access Center provides rapid, streamlined access for patients seeking psychiatry and behavioral health services for young adults and adults. Whether you are looking to make an appointment or trying to identify the appropriate outpatient programs, the center provides fast access to a variety of critical programs.

By calling the Access Center at 401-606-0606, you can be connected to a range of outpatient programs for mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues, including:

As part of the comprehensive approach to patient care, the staff at Lifespan Psychiatry and Behavioral Health provide thorough evaluations and refer patients to the appropriate specialty outpatient program(s) as needed. To connect to the Access Center via telehealth call, 401-606-0606.