Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Outpatient Therapy for Inner Ear Disorders

Vestibular therapy treats dizziness and balance disorders caused by inner ear problems. The vestibular system provides information to the brain about motion and the body’s position in space. Impairment of this system can cause symptoms of dizziness, imbalance and difficulty stabilizing vision.

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Patients are usually seen one or two times a week in the clinic and are also instructed in management of symptoms and a program to follow at home. Treatment consists of various exercises and techniques to eliminate symptoms of dizziness and vertigo, and to improve balance, gait and gaze stabilization.

Each evaluation includes an assessment of:

  • dizziness symptoms
  • visual symptoms and visual motor control
  • balance
  • sensation
  • compensatory mechanisms (adjustments you have made to maintain your balance)
  • strength
  • range of motion
  • posture
  • mobility
  • gait

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