Pediatric Primary Care

Pediatric Primary Care Patient Information

Routine Appointments

We work hard to stay on schedule. It is greatly appreciated if you arrive on time for your child’s appointment. If you arrive late, we may have to reschedule the appointment. As a courtesy, we call to remind you of appointments, but this is not always successful due to busy signals, incorrect phone numbers, etc. We do allow the scheduling of siblings together for well visits as a courtesy. Failure to keep an appointment for multiple siblings may result in the loss of this privilege for your family.

Young child receiving an immunization


At Lincoln Pediatrics, we are inundated with questions about vaccines and vaccine safety. We have added to our website a Vaccine Philosophy Statement that summarizes our position on vaccines. 

Vaccine Philosophy Statement (PDF)

Sick Appointments

We will always try to accommodate same day sick visits for acutely ill children. It is helpful to call us as soon as possible if you want your child to be seen. Calls after 4 p.m. are more difficult to schedule as a same day appointment and may have to be scheduled the following day. Emergencies will be referred to the Hasbro Emergency Department. If you want a sibling to be seen as well, please let us know at the time of the initial call. We try our best, but we cannot always accommodate the last minute addition of siblings to the schedule due to time constraints and in consideration of our other patients.


Please notify us one week in advance if a referral is needed. It is important that you give us the following information:

  • Name and date of birth of child
  • Primary care provider of child
  • Correct insurance information
  • Name, phone number, and fax of physician being referred to
  • Date and time of appointment
  • Reason for visit

If you are leaving us a message by phone with the above information, please speak clearly. Correct spelling of names is also very helpful.


If we prescribe a medicine that has a high co-pay or is not covered by your insurance, please let us know. We can often find an acceptable and less expensive alternative. Please allow 3 business days for renewal of prescriptions. We request that renewal of prescriptions be taken care of during our Monday through Friday business hours.

More about prescriptions and refills

Lab and X-Ray

Please obtain all ordered blood work and x-rays in a timely fashion. If they are done at a lab or x-ray facility other than the one discussed, please let us know as soon as possible. It takes us an extraordinary amount of time to obtain and notify you of lab and x-ray results if we do not know where or when they were done.


A completed state school physical examination form and a copy of your child’s immunizations will be provided at each well visit. This exam form will be good for one year. You can make additional copies for sports and other activities as needed throughout the year. Please allow one week for completion of any additional forms.