Pediatric Surgical Services
Hasbro Children's Hospital

The Day of Surgery


On the day of your child's surgery, please report to the admitting office, located on the ground floor of Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Your actual surgical time is typically one hour after your arrival time. Soon after you have arrived, your child will be given pajamas, and you and your child will be escorted to our surgical holding rooms which are equipped with video games, toys, arts and crafts, and other diversional items.

Although we recommend that valuables be left home, lockers are available for your use. You are encouraged to bring special items from home which will make your child feel secure, such as a special blanket or stuffed animal.

You and your child will be given bracelets to wear while you're at the hospital. It's important to wear them until you go home. The bracelet (blue in color) will also get you out of the parking lot at a reduced cost.

Please do not bring other children (sisters, brothers) on the day of surgery or to visit in the recovery room.

Caring for Your Child as a Team

In addition to your child's surgeon there is a team of dedicated professionals who will care for your child. Our staff includes anesthesiologists with additional expertise in pediatrics. Anesthesiologists are physicians specially trained to make certain your child feels no pain during the surgical procedure and to closely monitor all vital functions during surgery and recovery. You will have an opportunity to speak with an anesthesiologist at POP and again on the day of surgery.

The team also includes an excellent group of nurse anesthetists, operating room and recovery room nurses, and a child life specialist who are all skilled in the care of children.

Parent and Child Are Reunited In Recovery

After the surgical procedure is complete, your child will be taken to the recovery room. Most children benefit from having family close by during recovery. The recovery room nurse will require a few minutes to settle your child, and will then invite you to join your child in recovery. Two adults are able to visit the child in the recovery room. However, no children are allowed in the recovery room.

If your child is being discharged on the same day of surgery, we recommend that two adults accompany the child home from the hospital.

We are always happy to answer any of your questions; call us at 401-444-6030.