Pediatric Surgical Services
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Your Child's Medical History Is Considered

During POP the anesthesiologist will ask your child's medical history. It is important to know if your child has a chronic medical condition or is on any prescribed medications.

If your child's medical condition is complicated, ask your pediatrician to supply a letter explaining any particular problems. Specifically ask if your child has a heart murmur. Most children with heart murmurs are at no additional risk from anesthesia, but information from your pediatrician may be important.

Lab Testing

Under certain circumstances, lab testing, including blood count and urinalysis, may no longer be necessary prior to surgery. Need will be determined by the surgeon and anesthesiologist according to specific guidelines. Some children may require a type and crossmatch. If your doctor determines that your child does, please bring your yellow card from transfusion services.

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