Radiation Oncology Services
Lifespan Cancer Institute

The Day of Your Treatment

Before the procedure, you’ll be asked to sign a standard consent form, which gives our team permission to treat you.

Each step in the treatment process is focused on your comfort and well-being, while achieving superior clinical outcomes and efficiency.

  • Frame Attachment: A stereotactic lightweight frame is secured to the head. You are given a local anesthetic to numb the area where the frame’s pins will be secured.
  • Imaging: Scans are taken immediately before the treatment to determine the precise shape, size and location of the target. The stereotactic frame is identifiable on MRIs and other imaging, and is used as a reference to pinpoint the area to be treated.
  • Treatment Plan: Images are then used to create a tailored treatment plan to enable an optimal radiation dose. The gamma knife collimator helmet is fitted to the frame, keeping your head stationary and precisely positioned during treatment.
  • Treatment: Targets are automatically irradiated according to the treatment plan. Throughout the procedure you are monitored closely and our clinical team makes sure you are always comfortable.

Following Treatment

Patients typically return home following treatment and can resume normal activities. Follow-up appointments will be conducted by our clinical team in an outpatient clinic at Rhode Island Hospital.