SafeQuest Program
Bradley Hospital

SafeQuest for Children

The SafeQuest Partial Hospital Program is an intensive after-school program for children who have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, mood disorders, psychosis, trauma, or self-injury behaviors. Some children may participate in SafeQuest as a transition from an inpatient stay at Bradley Hospital.

Participants in the SafeQuest Partial Hospital Program engage in individual therapy and group therapy three to five times a week using skills they’ve learned through dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for emotion regulation, distress tolerance, social skills, effective communication, and cognitive restructuring. 

Family meetings take place by video conference or in person, once per week.

A team of behavioral health specialists leads the daily skills group to reinforce tactics taught during group therapy. Upon enrollment, each family is assigned a primary clinician who facilitates family and individual therapy, communicates with outside providers, and organizes discharge plans. 

Children will be assigned a psychiatrist for medication consultation as needed. Parents are encouraged to share their perceptions and questions regarding their child’s symptoms and potential need for medications. If the child is already seeing a psychiatrist, the SafeQuest psychiatrist will work with him or her.

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