SafeQuest Program
Bradley Hospital

What to Expect in the SafeQuest Program

To receive the full benefits of the program, it is important that teens attend every day.

Group Therapy

Every day each teen participates in one hour of group therapy with a focus on increasing communication and coping skills. Group therapy gives participants the opportunity to exchange support and suggestions with others who are struggling with similar issues.

Family Therapy

Each family is assigned a family therapist who contacts parents at the start of the program. Families are expected to attend family therapy at least once per week. We recognize that an adolescent's difficulties affect the whole family. Furthermore, children with strong family support are much more likely to have positive outcomes.

Individual Therapy

Each adolescent in the program participates in individual therapy one to two times each week or as determined by the treatment team.

Skill Groups

Skill groups are staff-facilitated educational groups that might include discussions on topics such as dealing with peer pressure, staying healthy, decision-making, communication with parents, drug use and social skills.

Psychiatric Care

Participants will be assigned a psychiatrist for medication consultation as needed. Parents are encouraged to share their perceptions and questions regarding their adolescent's symptoms and possible medication needs. (Parents and the psychiatrist may decide medication is not necessary.) If the child is already seeing a psychiatrist, the SafeQuest psychiatrist will work with him or her.

Meet the SafeQuest Program Team