Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Clinic
Lifespan Cancer Institute

Our Sarcoma Care Team

Our expert staff coordinates treatment, as well as all necessary follow-up and rehabilitation, using a team approach. Individually tailored treatment plans increase survival rates and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Medical Oncology

Ariel E. Birnbaum, MD Headshot

Ariel E. Birnbaum, MD

Medical Oncologist

Don S. Dizon, MD Headshot

Don S. Dizon, MD

Director, Pelvic Malignancies Program and Hematology-Oncology Outpatient Clinics, Lifespan Cancer Institute; Director of Medical Oncology, Rhode Island Hospital; and Founder, Oncology Sexual Health First Responders Program


Pediatric Oncology

Roma Bhuta, DO, MPH Headshot

Roma Bhuta, DO, MPH

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Bradley D. DeNardo, MD Headshot

Bradley D. DeNardo, MD

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Rishi R. Lulla, MD, MS Headshot

Rishi R. Lulla, MD, MS

Director, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology


Surgical Oncology

Thomas J. Miner, MD Headshot

Thomas J. Miner, MD

Chief of Surgical Oncology, Rhode Island Hospital

Richard M. Terek, MD Headshot

Richard M. Terek, MD

Chief of Musculoskeletal Oncology, Rhode Island Hospital, and Total Joint Surgeon


Pediatric Surgery

Francois I. Luks, MD, PhD Headshot

Francois I. Luks, MD, PhD

Pediatric Surgeon-in-Chief and Division Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Hasbro Children's Hospital

Elizabeth Renaud, MD Headshot

Elizabeth Renaud, MD

Medical Director, Pediatric Trauma, and Adolescent Bariatric Surgeon


Radiation Oncology

Thomas A. DiPetrillo, MD Headshot

Thomas A. DiPetrillo, MD

Clinical Director, Radiation Oncology

M. Yakub Puthawala, MD Headshot

M. Yakub Puthawala, MD

Chief of Brachytherapy Services

Esther Yu, MD Headshot

Esther Yu, MD

Radiation Oncologist