Three Cedar, A Family Center

Collaborative Care at Three Cedar, A Family Center

The program draws upon the powerful expertise of Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Bradley Hospital and Gateway Healthcare to care for your child. In partnership with Bradley Hospital, the Medical  Psychiatric Program at Hasbro Children’s Hospital addresses the needs of children age 6 to 18 and young adults age 19 to 21 who have complex pediatric illnesses. 

The Children's Neurodevelopment Center at the hospital provides evaluation and treatment of neurological, genetic, developmental, metabolic and behavioral disorders, and the center’s ACT Now Clinic is another avenue for assessment and clinical triage of pediatric patients and their families. Gateway Healthcare offers mental health and substance abuse disorder services to adults, children and families.  

Three Cedars

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For more information about Three Cedar, a family center, call 401-444-7703.